Saturday, October 18, 2014

This is Halloween-ish.

    Ahh, October, the month of creeps, sneaks, and horror flicks - and also tasty treats!  I love you so, you're the black-light of my life every year... except not so much this year.  Although the month isn't over and I plan to salvage what's left of it as best I can.  Despite all the emotional mess, the fact that I've banned myself from Facebook for two weeks, not being able to finish the decorative door cover in a more timely manner, the fact that I'm sooo far behind my scary-movie-for-every-day-of-October tradition, and the fact that I will miss Halloween day itself because I've got to be at a wedding the following day - I'm still determined to make the most of it.  This is one of my favorite times of the year, besides Christmas and my birthday, I gotta put SOME effort into the current spirit of things and I have.
    This is the first time ever that I've decorated for Halloween.  It's not much, but it's more than I have ever done in the past and I'm quite proud!  The only Halloween decoration that we ever put out for Halloween in my family was a string-mache jack-o-lantern that my mom made at a tot-takers ladies crafting club thing back in Texas. (I don't remember exactly, it was so long ago.  Although I wouldn't mind joining a similar club!  That pumpkin turned out pretty good!)  This year I put up a variety of window clings, warning/caution tape, and festively colored lights in the windows along with a sign in the big window that reads "Warning: Do Not Feed The Zombies" in the biggest window.  Here are some photos to show you, they're not the greatest but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

Glow-in-the-dark Jack-O-Lanterns & stars with black stars & bats,
warning tape, and orange, green, and purple lights.
Glow-in-the-dark ghosts & stars with black bats,
warning tape, and orange, green, and purple lights.
Black bats, warning tape, zombie sign, and orange lights.
Our humble apartment from the outside.
You can find us pretty easily as we are the only apartment that's decorated.
Nighttime view!  Blurry, but still pretty!
    So, that's all the decoration that I've done that can be seen on the outside.  Inside I covered up the dresser and chest of drawers that's stowed away in the corner of the dining room with "creepy fabric," strung the left over caution/warning tapes across them both, left out the candelabra (It works with the rest of the decor!), left out the decorative wrought iron heart and lizard (they kinda work in a gothic style sort of way), and a cheesey mini plastic Jack-O-Lantern container that I've had forever.  And for the pièce de résistance, I've placed in the corner my life size replica of the Six Shooter puppet from the Puppet Master movies. If you don't know who he is, here's a stock image of the replica: 

Now here's an image of him climbing up a wall in the third movie to fill your night with nightmares just for giggles:

    Speaking of movies, one tradition of mine that I've failed accomplish this year is my October Horror Movie Marathon (OHMM).  Basically, my goal is to watch a scary movie (or at least something scary) everyday for the entire month of October.  It helps me get into the Halloween mood and I do like me some scary!  So far this month I've watched ONE horror movie, Annabelle, and the first episode of this season's The Walking Dead.  That's it.  Oh well, at least it's SOMETHING, right?  The episode of The Walking Dead was really good, as they all are!  Annabelle was really good too.  Very creepy and scary.  However, it was the kind of movie that makes you want to move into a church and and never ever leave... surrounded by crucifixes and crosses and a ring of salt... with sage burning 24/7 in all corners of the room... with the doors and windows boarded up... and two guns, one with a never ending supply of bullets (silver for good measure) and the other a super soaker filled with holy water.  (Yep, I planned it out.)  They did an excellent job with the doll!  She slowly looked more decayed and menacing as the movie progressed.  At one point her eyes looked bloodshot!  And the scenes where they would focus in on the doll, you'd always expect her to move or blink... but she NEVER does, which somehow seems creepier than if she DID move.  That doll was made by the NOPE Toy Company in the proud country of the United Territories of NOPE and made with 100% organic NOPE
Another creepy face for your nightmares.  You're welcome.
Seriously though, who sees this doll and thinks, "Hmm, that would make a great gift for someone I care about!  Hey, doesn't Little Suzie like dolls?  She'll absolutely DIE when she see's it."  *facepalm*  Yes, yes she will if you get it.  Please don't get this doll for Little Suzie, the girl probably has enough creepy dolls in her collection that may or may not want to EAT HER SOUL.  Just saying.
    Lastly, there is the tradition of going to Magic Screams.  (Normally known as the theme park, Magic Springs and Crystal Falls.)  I will be going again this weekend and I'm super stoked!  They've got my favorite haunted house attraction again this year, Paradox!  If you haven't been to this house, I highly recommend it.  It's not your traditional haunted house (which aren't bad themselves, don't get me wrong), but it's more like an artsy acid trip.  It's filled with strange rooms, eerie black-light action, pumping rave music, crazy color schemes and themes, and filled with people in full body mesh suits that like to lurk in dark corners... or stand right in front or next to you without you knowing, whatever tickles their fancy I guess.  I absolutely love it!
    Other than that, I'm going to try to improve upon my OHMM tradition and try to watch some more horror movies and I still intend to finish the decorative door cover.  As for dressing up in costume this year, I'm afraid that won't happen.  The most I'm probably going to do is wear my Ghostbusters t-shirt out to Magic Screams.  Although this October wasn't the greatest, it wasn't a complete failure.  I can only go up from here next year!
   (Oh, by-the-way, I don't know why the last few paragraphs have obnoxious spaces in between the lines.  I tried to fix it, but to no avail.  Tired, going to bed, goodnight!)

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