Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Percy Qushun & Co. - An Equal Opportunity Employer


    Who the heck is Percy Qushun, you ask?  Better question to ask is what is Percy Qushun, or rather, persecution?  Ha!  Yes, I tricked you!  ...Maybe... I don't know... Perhaps I haven't tricked you at all.  But never-the-less, you're still here and hopefully still reading.  This blog is going to be a doozy.  It's not necessarily a rant, but more like feeling the need to point out something that ought to be fairly obvious, but sadly is not, and then following through with that need in the form of this blog posting.
    In all seriousness, this entire world is in great need of a revival.  Not necessarily a religious or spiritual revival (although that probably would help - "Demon be gone!" *whack*  "I'll get that demon out of you yet!" *whack*), but at the very least a moral and ethical revival.  I think we're all (including myself) are experiencing a sort of Lord-forgive-them-for-they-know-not-what-they-do phase.  We seem to be saying and doing things without thinking and without realizing how it's going to affect us down the road and how it's going to effect those around us more often than ever.  Why?  Maybe we've become too full of ourselves in a world that's "me, me, me!"  Maybe we're not as emphatic as we used to be.  Maybe we're not as thoughtful as we used to be or maybe we're think too much into things.  Whatever the reason(s) may be, it's coming to a point where something is going to give and something is going to change.  And in all likely hood, I wouldn't be surprised if things ended up very, very badly...  Well, that is, if nothing is done about it, of course!
    One of the biggest problems that we have is that of persecution.  Just as love has it's many different "languages" so does hate, and persecution is a "language" of hate.  For those of you who may not know what persecution exactly is, the Wikipedia article on the term describes it as such: 

"Persecution is the systematic mistreatment of an individual or group 
by another individual or group. The most common forms are religious persecution
ethnic persecution and political persecutionthough there is naturally some 
overlap between these terms.  The inflicting of suffering, harassmentisolationimprisonmentinternmentfear, 
or pain are all factors that may establish persecution.  Even so, not all suffering 
will necessarily establish persecution.  The suffering experienced by the victim must 
be sufficiently severe.  The threshold level of severity has been a source of much debate."

    That is a very heavily loaded description!  And towards the end of the article it goes on to talk about the lesser known forms of persecution based on genetics, sexual identity, and military service.  What I learned from this, is that "haters gonna hate" no mater who you are or what you do!  That's pretty messed up if you ask me.  However it does open the door for us to be able to understand each other better if we do experience some form of persecution.  It also gives us an opportunity to reach out, help, and raise awareness.

"Hey, that person/group over there hates you?  
Well, this other person/group over here hates me too.  So, I feel ya."  

"I've been bullied before and it's not fun.  So why would I do that to others?"

"Wow, this person/group brags about being all for equality, understanding, love, and acceptance and yet their actions and words at this moment say otherwise..."

    If these sound familiar, then you must be part of the group know as humans. Congratulations, you are part of both the greatest and the most awful species planet Earth has ever known.  You are not immune, you are not above.  You are just like me and everyone else, subject to both hate and love.

You're religious?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're non-religious?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're a man?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're a woman?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're gay?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're straight?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're black?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're white?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're American?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're not from America?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're a mutant?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're not a mutant?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're in the military?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
You're not in the military?  Someone hates you.  ....At the same time, someone loves you.
If you are ANYTHING...
Someone hates you with every dark ounce of their being.
...But at the same time, someone loves you with all the brightness of their heart.

    If you want the hate to stop, you got to start the process... Yes, process, as it will take time.  Every process needs time in order to produce results and stopping the hate is no different.  If you want to stop the hate, then don't spread it around.  If you don't want to be persecuted, then not persecuting to begin with will help a lot.  Be there and support someone who is being hated and/or persecuted unjustly.  Stand up for someone who is being treated unfairly.  Do not make a snide comment if someone claims they are being persecuted - you're snide comment is just that, a form of persecution.  Please don't do that, you're not helping the overall situation.  And don't support someone who does it either.  That is no better than doing it yourself.  Support each other in this process, correct each other with kindness and understanding, because it will be a lengthy struggle to overcome.  Persecution and hatred are equal opportunity employers, don't let yourself get hired on...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Live Long and Prosper


    I know it's been a long while since I've made my last blog post, and I am sorry for that.  But don't let the title fool you, this isn't a goodbye post either.  Quite far from it actually.  I just had the sudden need to vent, so I hope you bear with me.  If vent/rant posts are not for your thing, I'll completely understand if you stopped reading here and went on to something else.  You will not hurt my feelings in the least.  :)
    But instead of taking the "Oh my gosh, you wouldn't believe what so-and-so said/did!" route, I'm going to do things a bit differently.  I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself in response to what had gone on earlier today.  So, here it goes:

  • I am quite protective of my family and friends.  If I feel that they are being treated unfairly, I will react to this.
  • One of my pet peeves is when someone makes a baseless assumption about someone else and takes off running with it as if it was fact.
  • If you felt that I have misunderstood what was said, then let me know eloquently, with kind consideration and understanding.  I will apologize, explain how I read it, and add a "my bad."  Take the high road and others will follow.
  • If you do not respond to my misunderstanding in such a decent-humanly fashion, it will only reflect more upon you and who you really are in this life than it ever will upon me.  You're only making things worse for yourself.
  • If you write your response in such a way that makes you sound upset and angry and then deny that you are actually feeling that way... Who are you kidding?  I can see right through that better than a freshly cleaned pane of glass in a Windex commercial.
  • If you are the type that who's used to having controlling reigns over some individuals in your life... you won't be doing that with me.  You can't tell me what to do, you can't tell me when a conversation ends, you can't tell me what to say or not say, you can't tell me how to feel, you can't tell me to ignore the obvious, and you can't bully me into some sort of intellectual submission.  You can't scare me, you don't scare me, and you won't scare me.  
  • I believe that all innocent lives matter.  And just because I may be more protective of some more than others, does not mean that I do not feel for the rest or that they somehow don't deserve respect or protection either.  I am only one person.
  • I am human and so are you.  None of us are perfect, and neither are you.
  • There's a Vulcan saying that goes, "The needs of the many, out weigh the needs of the few or the one."  I've noticed that there are folks that believe this, which is all well and good.  However none of these folks are raising their hands to act as that "one" on the behalf of others.  Another pet peeve.
  • I've always thought that awareness can be a good start to something great.  But I learned today, that awareness is pretty much useless if no positive action follows suit.  The same goes with debates.  Actions speak louder than words.  How can you claim to be a revolutionist, a supporter of change, a decent protester, or a good humanitarian if you put no action to your words?  Go forth if you really care!  This is kinda a newly developed pet peeve of mine.
  • If I am sad, there's a reason.
  • If I am angry, there's a reason.
  • If I am upset, there's a reason.
  • It is not often that I speak up.  But when I do speak up, I want my words to be heard and to matter.  I also seek to be understood and acknowledged for why I am speaking up.  There is a reason for why I am speaking up.
For those that respect me and really know me, I thank you for being there.  You're the ones who've got my back and help me when I need it.  You have got my full appreciation and respect.  May you "Live Long and Prosper."  For everyone else, do me a favor and just...