Sunday, January 31, 2016


    There's a site that I've gotten back into again recently.  It's a website that's wonderfully devoted to color, palettes, templates, and patterns.  It's a place that's frequented by wonderful people who love color, creativity, and beautiful things.  This website is called
    I was introduced to this site in 2012 by a co-worker who was going to school to become a graphic artist.  It turned out to be a great help at the time, as I sometimes needed to create specific patterns for specific projects when I couldn't find any pre-made backgrounds that would work otherwise.  I used it for work, for personal projects, and for fun.  It became super handy and it still is to this day.
    COLOURlovers had it's own in-site program, called Seamless Lite, that I would use to make my pattern templates.  It was a simple program that offered an enjoyable challenge because of it's simplicity.  I could only do so much with it and indulged my creativity as much as I could.  I became so invested in what I was doing and was desiring to created better templates like I noticed some others were doing on the site. I decided to try out their downloadable, pattern-making program, Seamless Studio and tried it for the 15 day trial.  Before the trial was up, I was sold and decided to purchase the program only to find out that they didn't sell it anymore.  You could download it, use it for 15 days, and that was it.  For whatever reason, COLOURlovers had quit selling the key codes, yet the links for downloading the program still worked.  I was very disappointed and frustrated.  Luckily, a fellow colourlover found out about my troubles and gave me their key code, which I've held onto.  I love my Seamless Studio program and use it for all my pattern making needs.  And I make even better pattern templates now than I had before when I only had Seamless Lite at my disposal.
    I was using the program often, for long periods at a time I would use it almost everyday.  Then life happened, and I wasn't able to use it for a while.  But now I'm back on it making patterns like I used to do!  I was even creating one the other day when I realized that I ought to make a blog post about it.  After all, this is The Live Diary of a CREATIVE Introvert, and I should post creative things on here every once in a while, shouldn't I?  Yes, indeed, I should!  And I should post samples of my work, too!

These first three are some that I've created using COLOURlovers in-site program, Seamless Lite:

Find it here:
Find it here: 
Find it here:! 

And before I continue, yes my username on COLOURlovers is "balboababe."  It's an old one that I came up with back in high school and have used it for the longest.  And, no, it doesn't have anything to do with the Rocky movies nor Regina Spektor.  Anywho!  These next three are patterns that I've created using the Seamless Studio program:

Find it here: 
Find it here:!_Splatter!
Also, on a side note, I made a dark gray scale version of this pattern to use as a tiled background to this blog!
Find it here: 

    As I have said before, I really love this site and this program, and the users on there are wonderful people as well.  You couldn't ask for a better group of folks!  Recently it's been getting a lot of spammers trying to push various movies and books, but nothing that can't be ignored.  I still highly recommend going there and trying it out for yourself if you're into creating and love color.  It's a great for a hobby, if nothing else.  You can also get your creations in the form of artwork or fabric, not for free obviously.  But I've thought about doing that and trying to sell fabrics with my patterns on them to try to make a little money on the side. (If I were to do that, would you or anyone you know be interested in purchasing one of my patterns in the form of some fabric?)  Anyway, you can look me up and follow me if you like!  Visit, and try it out.  :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pop or Bust

   So there are things that I like and things that I don't like.  The reasoning behind why I do and don't like something varies.  This is pretty much the norm for everyone.  However I feel like I'm different when it comes to American pop culture, or the things the vast majority of Americans tend to like.  My overall feelings towards things that are popular in America tend to generally linger between indifference and slight annoyance.  For the most part, anyway.  Sometimes there are those things that are "pop" that catch my interest or could possibly be genuinely like-able. But it depends on how it's presented to me.
    If one or two people came to me and learned that I had not seen a particular movie or listened to a particular music artist and they responded with, "Oh, I didn't know that.  It's really good!  If you want I can let you borrow my copy" or the kind of response with a gasp followed by, "Oh, well, we should see it/listen to it sometime.  I think you would really like it."  More than likely, I'll be down with it.  Especially if it does sound like something I might enjoy.  It's also great in situations where I say do say no, that that "no, thank you" is respected and the subject dropped.
    However... if presented to me in such a way where I feel like it's being forced upon me, or where I feel like an outcast because I don't want to see it or listen to it, or if people question what's wrong with me because I never have had an intense need to experience it before - then I'm not going to watch it or listen to it.  Nor will I really want to give it a chance.  No.  
    The over-zealousness that people have for various pop music, movies, and tv can really ruin it for me.  It can annoy me to no end and it makes me NOT want to get involved in whatever they are into.  Also, I like to be able to be able judge things for myself.  If the mass majority of people like something, it may or may not actually be all that good.  I've had experiences go either way. 
    For example, the newest Star Wars movie.  I've heard it was good, but because sooo many people have gone out and posted about it on Facebook and sooo many people have begged or demanded of others not to spoil it and there were sooo many people going on and on about it - even if they didn't go and see it yet - it all burnt me out about the movie.  Maybe further on down the line I might see it.  Rent the DVD or wait until it's playing on TV.  Otherwise, no, I'm not going to see it.  The movie itself doesn't annoy me, it's because people make such a big deal about it that ruins it.
    Frozen is another example.  And before you ask, yes, I have seen it.  It's okay.  It's like-able.  The ending is different, and that I appreciated.  And the animation is good - the style and movement of the characters and the special effects - it's all really nicely done.  But how long has it been out?  About three years, I think?  Three YEARS and it's still EVERYWHERE.  People are STILL talking about how different and profound it is and it's somehow changing lives... somehow...  Are we still talking about a Disney flick or Jesus?  For some to love the film so much you'd think they'd take the most popular song out of that movie's advice and just let it go.  Or rather... Let it die, let it die, oh why won't they just let it DIE?!  And yet another movie ruined and I do not want to see it again EVER.
    The Princess Bride is another one for me that has been ruined because its been made such a big deal over.  However it's just on a much smaller scale.  The first time I'd seen it, I watched it with a group of people, most of whom seemed completely enthralled with it.  After talking over what movie to see, they began reminiscing this apparent childhood/family classic of theirs:

"Christie, have you ever seen The Princess Bride?"
"Um, no.  I don't think I've ever heard of it."
"What?!?!"  "You've never heard of it?"
"You HAVE to see it!"  "It's really good."
Me already be skeptical of that opinion because the movie title had the word "princess" in it, I asked, "What's it about?"
They proceed to tell me, however the description of it didn't make me want to see it more.
"Doesn't it sound good?"

"It sounds kinda sappy to me..."
"Well, we're going to watch it anyway."  "You'll like it!  It's good!"
"Um, O-okay..."

Those may not be the exact quotes, mind you.  But it's close enough to where you can get a feel for everything that was going on.  We then proceed to watch The Princess Bride, which they had seen hundreds of times and this being my first time to have seen it - ever.  And on and off throughout it's duration, I keep hearing people interrupt and quote along with the darn thing.  They wanted me to watch this movie with them, and now they're doing this.  I can understand laughing, I can understand an occasion comment about what's going on in the movie - but quoting along??  Did they want me to enjoy the movie with them or did they want me to enjoy watching THEM watch the movie?  Not only was I having a hard time trying to watch a movie I had not seen before (that I also wasn't really in the mood to watching to begin with), but I also having a difficult time trying to enjoy it because it kept being interrupted.  It also made me feel really excluded from the group.  I couldn't appreciate it on the same level that they did.  I probably would have enjoyed it more if it wasn't for all of that.  But would could I do or say?  It was all of them against just me.  We watched it one other time, there were less interruptions and the experience was better, but it still wasn't all that enjoyable.  Would I watch it again by myself?  No.  Besides there's a lot of negative feelings associated with that movie for me now.  I don't want to be reminded if I can help it.
  There are other examples I could list, but it's getting late and I'd would like to wrap this up.  Haha!  I don't know, people just tend to ruin things for me, and I try my best not to be that way towards anyone either.  Because I don't want to ruin anyone else's experience.  But if 200 other people and sites are already posting about how great something or someone is, is it really necessary for one more person to add their own two cents?  Especially if what they have to say is EXACTLY what everyone else has already said?  And do they have to post about it more than once?  And do they have to get all judgmental and pushy when they realize that you may not like what they like?  Does this mean I'm a closeted hipster or am I being rebellious by going against the majority?  Or am I just tired of hearing about it and am ready for it to be over already?