Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Valentine's Day 2015

    Valentine's Day this year was interesting.  It wasn't a bad day, it was basically a pretty good day like any other.  But instead of it having your everyday typical lovey-dovey couple-y theme/feelings like one would usually expect, it was everything that didn't go along with such typical Valentine things.  Again, this wasn't bad, just odd and different.
    It landed on a Sunday this year, so it started off like any other Sunday with a trip to church with my mom.  Like a trooper, I wore a red dress and a multi-colored heart necklace, a perfect and festive outfit for the day.  My mom wore red as well.  We made it to church and went our separate ways into our Sunday School classes, she into her older couples class and I into my young adult class that consisted of couples, singles, and divorcees.  It had been a while since all the lesson books for all the differing classes had coinciding lessons.  (For example, this past Sunday my parents' class did a lesson on Jonah and the Whale and my class did a lesson in Matthew.)  The lessons and lesson plans for all the classes hadn't match up for a while.  I don't know why or when it happened, but I only brought it up to point out that Mom and I didn't know what each other's lessons were going to be and I had forgotten to check it out the night before.  I made it to my class on time, sat down, and opened up the lesson book to the day's lesson.  This is when the day started to deviate from your typical Valentine's Day atmosphere.  The lesson was on divorce.  Not really a typical topic for some to discuss on Valentine's Day, is it?  I was a bit perplexed by it at first.  Like, who in the layout/editing/writing department in charge of making this came up with this brilliant idea??  But by the time the lesson was over, I was left thinking that talking about divorce on Valentine's Day was actually a pretty good idea.  Divorce can sometimes come unexpectedly and it can also come at a bad time in life, so having a lesson on divorce on Valentine's Day actually made sense in that respect.  Also, and this is important to note, the lesson was tastefully done.  The people in that class that had experienced divorce in one way or the other came out of it feeling good and were not offended.  Everybody was nice, considerate, and understanding of everything that revolved around this topic.  All was well!  
    So mom and I had to miss church service and head back home to eat lunch and get ready for the next not-so-Valentine's-Day-thing that we had to go to, a baby shower.  Yep, got invited to a baby shower on Valentine's Day.  Kind of an odd day to have it on, but apparently with the parents scheduling and medical/baby/health concerns, this was the best time to have it.  I'm totally fine with that!  It was held at church at around 2:00 pm, well after the morning service and well before the evening service. I didn't know the couple that well.  I knew the grandparents and the parents of the baby pretty well, and I knew the cousins of the father pretty well too.  The father, I've only seen a handful of times and the mother I didn't know at all.  But that's fine.  It's for a baby for crying out loud!  And I actually like going to things like baby showers!  I like seeing what all the baby is getting, I like seeing how it's decorated, I even like the food and enjoy playing the games!  Sometimes I feel like I'm experiencing Pinterest in real life, and I absolutely love Pinterest!  Observing how special occasions are approached by others really appeals to my creative side.  I already had a car shade that that I was saving for the next time I'd go to a baby shower and a bath-time kids' book that I had that I was planning to give to another child (but unfortunate circumstances changed that plan).  Having those items on hand really worked out and I didn't have to go shopping!  Woohoo!  I did have to go shopping for appropriate wrapping paper earlier that week, but that was all the inconvenience I had to deal with.  And again, everything went well!  The parents seemed to be appreciative of the presents I got for the baby and it was a fun experience.  And I kept my attire for it Valentine-ish by wearing a pinkish, red-violet sweater and silver-colored Strawberry earrings.
   The last thing that was totally un-Valentine's related was at the end of the day...  The Walking Dead came back, heck yeah buddy!  I won't spoil it for anyone that hasn't seen that particular episode yet, but I will say that it was a great episode.  I watched it with my dad, like we always do, and watched Talking Dead right after.
    Nothing like Splitsville, babies, and zombies to get you in the Valentine's Day mood, am I right?  It probably turned out to be one of the better Valentine's Days I've ever had to be honest!  Quite frankly, I thought I was going to be on the sad/moody/angst-y vibe, but I'm quite happy that that wasn't the case.  I hope everyone had had a good day that day too, whether you're with someone special or not!  And if it wasn't for whatever reason, I hope that it is better for you next year!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

STORY TIME! The Time I Found Something in My Bed...

    Lately, I've been watching a lot of these "Story Time" videos on YouTube and I found the concept to be different (at least for YouTube) as well as entertaining.  So I thought to myself, why not do that right here on my blog?  :D
    So this happened around the last part of high school, about 2001-2003 I would say.  I've had this habit for a long time of staying up late, past when my parents go to bed and past when I probably should go to bed... Yep... And this particular night was no exception.  I'm staying up late, chatting with friends online and watching Flash animated cartoons (I think I was really big into Homestar Runner at the time), then it gets to a point when I'm ready to go to bed.  My parents have already gone to bed hours ago, so it's just me up and about.  I go my room and proceed to get ready for bed; brush my teeth, changed into some pjs, my usual bedtime routine.  I go to my bed to get in, my sheets already pulled back some from the way it was made, and I noticed this pretty large blue mass right on top of the exposed sheets.  It was about the size of a half-dollar or a cap off of a bottle of prescription meds.  I took a bit of a closer look and it looked like a large piece of dark blue, fuzzy, lint from the laundry at first.  How did this get here?  How did I not notice it before when the sheets got put on the bed?  But something was a bit off about it...  I went in for a closer look and I realized that the piece of what I thought was lint had shape to it.  What is this??  I suddenly recognize the shape and I realize what is in my bed, sitting on my exposed, CLEAN sheets...  It was a dried up, mummified, DEAD FROG.  ...  I was speechless and I was shocked and I was absolutely disgusted.  How the heck did this thing get on my bed???
    To this day, I can only come up with one conclusion that's somewhat logical.  There is an air vent that's directly above my bed.  What I think might have happened, and others that I've told this story to before also believes this is the case, is that somehow this frog found it's way into the vents and died.  Whether or not it went there purposefully to die or if it went in there to hide or out of curiosity and just happened got lost or trapped and then died, I will never know.  But it somehow got into the vent, died, mummified and collected lint, and then eventually blew out of the vent and wound up on my bed.
    I ended up having to wake up my parents (1.) to remove the frog because I'm a wuss and I didn't really know how go about getting rid of the thing, and (2.) I wanted to put clean sheets on the bed and I didn't know where my mom kept them.  Overall it was a horrible, gross, and downright strange and random experience.  And looking back on it now, it's a pretty funny story.  One to tell to multiple people for multiple years to come!
    That was probably the strangest, most disgusting thing I've ever found in my bed thus far in my life.  So what's the strangest thing you've ever found in your bed?  Let me know in the comments below!  I'd love to hear what you've got!  :D  

A bit of happy imagery to hopefully replace what is probably stuck in your mind now.  :)
You can find this pattern of mine here: http://www.colourlovers.com/pattern/5109900/Frogs_Circa_1985